In a world of advancing multi-coloured blocks... Where the only way to destroy them is to arrange them in groups of at least four... You are the only hope.

You never wanted this. You wanted a simple life with you family. But that all changed when the blocks came. They advanced in rows of ten consuming all in their path. At first the scientists were at a loss but they eventually found a way to fight back... rearrange them so they connect into groups of at least four and then... BOOM.


  • Primary button: Takes a block if no block is currently taken or places a currently taken block back. Clicks the highlighted option on menus.
  • Secondary button: Takes a block if no block is currently taken, else swaps the blocks.


  • Use Arrows key to move
  • Z is the primary button
  • X is the secondary button


  • Use d-pad to move
  • A is the primary button
  • B is the secondary button


  • Hit the thing on the screen... it should work


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